Reply To: Trevor Mcdonald show- Friday


You looked great on TV. At least they exposed that horrid town hall person with his mansion from hell! It really comes to something when you find out your livelihood is very much in the hands of some nihilistic bozo like that!

I’m curious how much actual interview footage you filmed? It seemed to be quite a few hours for us which is strange, considering that they only show such a small part. It got to the point for my husband and I that we were waffling away nonsensically! I remember my hubby was pointing out pitfalls with having no electrics and he said ” We put up a Xmas Tree but had no tinsel” Everyone burst out laughing. Of course, he meant lights!

I have a large BBQ celebration at home tonight but not able to connect to proper elecs until the coming week. Hopefully the temporary box will be good to us this evening, and I’ll be mentioning your story to people tonight – word does get around.

Suzanne, I pray that all turns out well for you and that justice is served, you have my full support.

Carla x