Reply To: I need a good independant solicitor in Costa del Sol


David wrote:
My issue with Maria was she contacted me and said that she was looking to buy in the development and wanted more information.”

I am going to be a little tough on you here, David.
Maria was only employing one of the tactics people use who are involved in client research. Pretending to be a punter!
Sometimes it is the only way to put oneself in a customer’s position, and see how a particular company behaves.
Even Egon Ronay restaurant inspectors use this method. They don’t declare who they are. If they did, they would only get served ‘the best grub!”.
I employed the same tactic with the (‘Orrible Exceptional’) estate agents to see if they were still plugging a new development giving my developer’s name as the one whose development it was. (They weren’t in fact ‘legally’ the developer, they had formed a baby company as a front if anything went wrong, as on my developement – but try to lull people into thinking they are buying from the big parent company).

“I happily gave her the information as it was provided to me from Paris.”

That smacks to me a little of “I gave Maria the information, but if any of it is false, it is only what I am told by Paris.

“At all time she claimed that she was either looking to buy or was looking to buy on behalf of clients”.
Personally, if I still had my market research company, I would offer her a job!

“She refused to answer calls when I left them and when she did speak to me she was evasive and non committal”.
Sounds like Maria is just keeping up the Spanish tradition of lawyers, estate agents and developers……. 😉

“She posted emails on this site that I had no knowledge of, not that I am worried about the content but it would have been courteous to have asked”.
Free publicity David!!! Whichever way you look at it (courteous or not) it is free publicity!! A promotor’s dream……as long as there is nothing to hide.
This forum is read by thousands each month.

“Hence my point, to me she is as devious as any other lawyer that plies the trade and uses this forum to drum up trade”.
I look at it a different way – as devious as any other lawyer/agent/developer……I’m afraid your profession has exactly the same reputation ‘that plies the trade’.

“If I offend anyone then I apologise, but those are my feelings towards your ´independant legal adviser´”
Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this forum – I just feel your timing is a little unfair as Maria made it clear last week that she is now away on holiday, and consequently is unable to speak for herself.