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I have financial reports on all of the companies involved (including the developer/promoters) and can not see any tie (directors, shares etc) between Sifasa and Eralia, neither can I see a tie apart from a business agreement between Eralia and our developer/promoter (the same developer as GH.)


GRUPO ERALIA SL from 10/8/2000-6/4/2003 was called SIFASA REALTY SL. On 7/4/2003 (just) the name of the company was changed to GRUPO ERALIA SL. SIFASA REALTY was the Real Estate arm of SIFASA SA and it remained so even when it changed names and moved to the new building down the road (incorporating Sales, Rentals, Furniture etc)

A tie there are the 3 consejeros: 1)Lennart Ulf Sten Cromstedt, 2)Saudi Ali Mohamed (who is also the director of the golf course on Santa Maria), and 3) Sancristobal Hector Tramullas. The directors remain the same from the time the company was called SIFASA REALTY SL up to the present day that is called GRUPO ERALIA SL. Now, the link between SIFASA, ERALIA and MVG is Mr Lennart Cromstedt who is also the consejero delegado in MVG.

And if you wish to go further into things Moleon Jimenez Enrique (of Moleon Construcciones) i.e. the ‘bricky’ of SIFASA/ERALIA/MVG/LOMAYSA CONSTRUCCIONES etc etc etc is also a Consejero Delegado of MVG.

By the way on his website he still advertises Santa Maria Green Hills as a development with its own 9-hole golf course, while Eralia says that SMGH is ‘one of our most exciting developments yet’. (Despite the fact it is not their development but MVG’s). However, in all of our contracts it states that if there is no golf course they are not to be held responsible!

I hope the above clarifies matters for you and gives you an insight as to the way these companies are operated (/operate! 😉 )


P.S. You say that your developer is the same as that of Green Hills(MVG).
Are you in Jardines de Santa Maria Golf?