Reply To: La Reserva



Steventhewell – What is the current legal situation in your block ❓ I (and others on this forum) are in manzana 3, block 7, where proper licences are not in place. It is the developer who is defaulting on the contract – not us – therefore they cannot legally retain our deposits. Many of us have started legal proceedings and are with the same law firm after leaving previous lawyers who have NOT been working in our interests. We have been fighting our battle for some time. If you are in a similar situation to us, with no BG etc., and are not satisfied with your lawyer it is surely time to find another one.

Some have suggested asking for a discount in legal charges when there are many of us with same firm. I personally am not in favour of this. We need expert & professional advice and I think should be prepared to pay for it. Also, the legal status of blocks at La Reserva seem to vary and we are in different situations. I know of one person who bought 3 apts there, and rightfullly so it is costing them a lot more in legal fees.