Reply To: Long Term Property Let


So did I – but the law is not on your side. the safest way is really to only offer 6 month contract and make sre it is furnished or part furnished. Do not offer a continuationof contract. If you want to keep the same people in then you need to have a definitive break so the only way to do this is to ask them to leave for a week – and commence a new contract. Not sure if this is even possible, but just make sure you get good adivce becaus eit cost me in the region of 3,000 euros to get them out – and I was lucky they left of their own accord.

Better still if there is an agency handling it get them to write the ocntract in their name with the proviso that if yours becomes unavailable they will be responsible for providing suitable accomodation – make them earn their money.

Best of luck and beware