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There is indeed more to this than meets the eye.

I have a report (up to 2004) on SIFASA GROUP S.L. and it shows the sole Executive Director as SAUSEN MOHAMED IBREEK with no other directors. This was the only company I could find with the name Sifasa in it, which fits your research on the name change I suppose. It does show other companies owned by them, but none I recognize. These are INMOSKY SL and DELIMAR MALAGA SL, you may know them?

I don’t not see Mr Ibreek in the list of directors of Grupo Eralia just two of the guys you name Mr Cromstedt and Mr Tramullas and no others. The subsidiaries are ERALIA PROPERTIES SL, DREAM HILL SL., MARBELLA VISTA GOLF S.L., LOS LAGOS DE SANTA MARIA GOLF S.L. All apart from Eralia Properties (100% owned) are small share holdings of the total.

Los Jardines on the other hand was promoted by Los Jardines de Santa Maria Golf SL which looks like it was a subsidiary of arquigest 2003 SL and both have Mr Moleon down as President/Director.

You can maybe see why I didn’t tie them together after they split and from my paperwork I have still can’t tie them, also I did hear anecdotally that the split was not that amicable.

Interesting stuff I suppose, it is a bit of a web, hopefully we are not that far of topic and all of this will help n5tew with his quest to get out of SMV.



P.S. All of this information is in the public domain as it was researched from published company data and is available to anyone.