Reply To: Buying in Granada



“…… and dont get grumpy when your investment does not turn in to your pension! “

I think if you paid nearly £100,000 as a down-payment on an apartment, the developer then didn’t build a brick for three years, they then refused to pay you your money back so you had to go through a stressful court case, you would be a little ‘grumpy’.

For many of us purchasers on this development, the years of stress has taken a dreadful toll on health besides the dire financial aspect of our lives having to be ‘on hold’ for three years.

I would like to add it was not an ‘investment for my pension’, not many of us have that kind of ‘extra’ money.
It was to be my new permanent home, paid for by the sale of my UK house.
The move to a warmer climate was important to me, as I am in constant pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I’m afraid I find your comment rather flippant, and don’t quite understand the tone of your reply.

“We have bought and sold more property than most and we have had one or two issues, but on the whole it has been a great experience. “

I’m pleased for you, and long may it continue.