Reply To: what is an urbanisation?


Within the wider urbanisation (the various phases contained in it and mentioned in the single Statutes document) there are three Communidads and three Presidents (and three sets of Community Rules). Our phase happens to have the same Administrator as the first phase Communidad – I’m not sure about the situation for the final phase/Communidad.
There are also (!) inter-Communidad fees and charges for use of the various facilities (i.e swiming pools) contained in each phase, but available for use by the entire Urbanisation.
Bit of a mess, it seems to me. And unclear as to where authority and responsibility ultimately lies (I am familiar with conventional single Community obligations, rules, procedures – but what happens within the context of one Urbanisation/Statutes that contains three Communidads?).
But the phases took about three years to complete, so I guess the occupiers of the first (fairly modest) phase shouldn’t have had to wait until completion of the last for their community rules.

PS (edit) oh yes, and three AGMs