Reply To: Polaris World


Phew!!!! This thread has made good reading. I too have been keeping one eye on the forum because I’ve been thinking of buying. Most of the postings have almost put me off the idea altogether – perhaps I will just rent!! It’s also rather scarry that agents can convince themselves (and of-course others) when the product they are offering represents poor value for money and high risk.

The market also seems to be waning. The investors have moved off to other countries and developers and agents are chasing the few ‘life-style’ purchasers left. With the correct catalyst , such as America having a go at Iran, the market could go into melt-down!

But having said that, off-plan still seems attractive. Not sure why. Is it the thought of buying new or delaying the final cost for 18 months?

Perhaps I’ll go and purchase a flat in Bognor Regis!

Well done Katy and Claire – your postings are spot-on.