Reply To: Polaris World


Hi, I don’t normally post on forum’s but feel I have to say something on this one, I too am a builder and have been all my life, 18 months ago my nephew asked me to accompany him on a trip to murcia, his intention, to buy an investment property on polaris world, I hadn’t planned it, but I too ended up buying a two bed apartment, I was very impressed with the polaris world concept, and the company. There are thousands of people who have bought on polaris world, including retired bankers, many builders of all trades,footballers,investers, and so rumour has it, a couple of major film stars. for those who don’t know, polaris is made up of 6 individual resorts, each with it’s own facilities, I have purchased on Latorre which apart from the 18 hole golf course will include a town centre with many shops,restaraunts,bars and banks, a five star intercontinental hotel, a kings college, and its own hospital, there are several lakes on the course including one in the town centre.finaly,any owner on any resort will have full access to all the facilities of the other resorts including a major sports centre.
Will it prove to be a good investment, who know’s,as with all investments you pays your money you takes your chance, but I do believe it will be a great place to holiday which was my reason for buying, and I am not looking at this through rose coloured glasses, threw them away many years ago.
I do hope that Katy will respond to this and impart on us polaris world owners this amazing
wisdom or insight that she seems to think she posseses,and show us what we are blind to.