Reply To: out buildings not appearing on deeds




Our plan is to restore the property and use all of these out buildings as further accomodation. Also we will want to sell it on

I’m afraid this is going to be the ‘hard’ point of the whole issue…

Making those constructions ‘legal’ from a ‘property’ or Land Registry point of view wont be difficult, it just costs some money… problem comes from planning and Town Council point of view… Do they meet local planning regulations? Were they built with a valid license? If not, Can you proof in a legally unquestionable manner that the construction is more than 4 years old?… You may be risking a Town Hall demolition order…

Additionaly you must be aware that auxiliary constructions cannot be used as accomodation if you do not have an specific license to do so…

Instruct your lawyer to check everyhing twice