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well done, this gives those of us, who are thrashing about in the dark, hope that we don’t have to accept being ‘ripped off’

it never ceases to amaze me, that despite contracts being breached on many issues and habitation licences not being issued, (and bank guarantees also not issued in our case) alot of lawyers still seem very reluctent to fight peoples corner for a fair result? Several people on our site, (not all the same lawyers) are going to complete whatever, due to being terrified of losing either their aparment, deposit or both!

our current lawyers have given us two options, either complete and claim compensation afterwards or don’t complete and sue for breach of contract, which they themselves say could take years and we may lose our deposit as well, due to the well known developers in question.

I have said neither of these is acceptable, we want to delay completion until the habitation licence comes through and negotiate a discount equivalent to our 23% smaller apartment compared to size on our contract. That was over a week ago and no answer?

We are now trying to get a lawyer that will just fight for a fair deal, why should that be so hard? we have the law and a very breached contract on our side!