Reply To: Farewell message from ‘Charlie’ and ‘Sofia’


Hi tmuk

re. the wording in your contract:

“There seems to be some descrepancy between my contract and actual with regard to size, but it seems the wording in the contract allows the developer to build it almost any size he wants and complete it when he wants”.

Am not sure, but I think if this wording is true, it is ‘illegal’ and regarded as an ‘abusive’ clause.
I know that developers building a smaller size than originally stated is a common ‘game’ of theirs to squeeze more apartments into the development.
A difference of 10% can mean ten more (free) apartments per hundred built…….nice ‘little earner’ for the developers 😉

What does your lawyer say????

To find a recommended independent lawyer, send the Administrator of this forum a p.m. (Mark) – he has a list.