Reply To: sorry, mortgages again



If you need to make money from a bar to cover the mortgage ,especially a 100% one, then please DON’T BUY. listen to others here and RENT first. Making money from a bar is very hit and miss and even having experience of working in or owning a pub in the UK will not fully prepare you for the possible difficulties you will face in Spain.

I know as I’ve been there and done that and my BIG mistake was to buy a property first, I then found the 30 min journey to work on the extreme working hours was a nightmare, especially as the traffic on the CDS can be horrific, a normal 30 min drive regularly took 1 hr plus and up to 2 hrs on occasions.

Friends of ours a few bars down the road also bought a bar but they rented an apartment 15 mins away and even they after 6 months moved house into a flat a 2 min walk from work to make life more bearable.

If you buy first and don’t find a bar round the corner, you will be stuck commuting until the property sells, which at the moment can take forever.