Reply To: Holiday home rental yields


Hi joed,

your original post asks about rental yields and by definition, the more you spend on the property, the harder you have to work to acieve a decent yield. Most renters do not want lots of space when they come on holiday, a place to sleep and maybe a communal pool are sufficient. Also, ask yourself what would you want on holiday? Easy access from the airport, close to beach/golf and not in the middle of nowhere cos you can’t buy a pint of milk or a Daily Mail.

Personally, I think your assumptions are about spot on, 8-12 weeks a year is about right but you have to spend out on a bit of advertising.

The only thing I disagree about is buying a 3 bed place, you won’t get 50% more rental income than if you bought a 2 bed place, but it may cost you 50% more to buy. The best yields are achieved in this way.

Good luck