Reply To: My Shocking Story!


Paul, the offer is there and i’ll gladly do a site. My own only concerns are the legal implications.

I don’t want to become the ‘Veronica Guerin’ of Spain 😯 but I think we should definately look into ways in which we can get a site together, and even if we cannot NAME people at least it’s going to be additional exposure. how about a petition on the site where people leave their stamp of support! A pressure group set up? There are many ways!

My husband is happy to do the template and set up a database but he hasn’t time for content and layout. If you Paul or anyone here would like to work with me on this project then hands up please.

The more stories we cram in – the more there is for people to refer to – and the more exposure our stories get. And of course a link to this forum also. because it is excellent, and I feel comforted when I come in here(and I know that isn’t the right word exactly) by knowing there are others out there who understand what I’m going through, because they are also going through similar crap.

It will invite agents and the like to advertise ‘reputable’ services and there is another matter for consideration!