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@sdodgson wrote:

I was fighting with them all the time as on their own they found a “great deal” in La Reserva de Marbella (aaaaarrrghhhhh!) and a “steal” in Gran Calahonda (did anyone say 280.000euros for a 60m2 apartment?)

Hi Sarah,

This is exactly my point.! Without your (persistent 🙂 )expert advice to your parents, they could have gone along with the “fab” place at La Reserva 😯 or the “bargain” apt at Calahonda 😯 😯 and they would be where many of us are now….raving on this forum. There but for the grace of God…and you! 😉

Forgot to add, it would be a good idea if all the agents used their real identity but there are some who would say they are “touting”. Also, they would get a lot of vitriolic posts me thinks!