Reply To: Property in Marbella/ Andalucia



i would take a look at my ‘miraflores problems’ if i was you, and the many similar posts on here, have you no idea what people like ourselves are going through?

i’m very pleased for your parents, it’s the situation we all dreamt of, and good luck to them, but please think this through a bit more, and then you might realise how insensitive your posting is,

there are alot of people who despite doing the homework, using what they thought are reliable people and trying to get information at every stage, have been taken for a ride by the many crooked agents, developers and even lawyers who populate the CDS. Yes i know there are good one’s as well, but if you happen to fall foul of the bad one’s you can only speak as you find

alot of us are not wealthy, and if any telvision programme can help us out of this mess and lead to a situation where we can get on with our lives again, without being ripped off by crooks, then bring it on, i say.

I do realise the implications for those living without problems and who are unhappy at seing the CDS portrayed in a bad light, but we can hardly be blamed for wanting the horror of our situation exposed.

We just want justice, not much to ask for is it?