Reply To: size of apartment at miraflores




i’ve not contacted another lawyer yet, was waiting to see if i get a response from one here.

the problem is, when the contract was drawn up, it made no mention of only completing when a habitation licence was in place, so thanks to our first solicitors in england, we may be stuffed on that one.

our current spanish solicitors (yes they were advised by the agent, so are we getting the truth?)) have advised us to sue aifos after completion, on the reduction in size and time delay.

our lawyers have told us that aifos have broken the contract on above two issues (let alone forcing us to complete without the habitation licence and making us each pay 900 euro’s for temporary water/gas/electric)) and as such, i would much rather negotiate a reduced final payment, but our lawyers are saying aifos will not negotiate with them and will just take our deposit and re-sell our apartment if we falter on completion,

the law may be on our side, but can it save our deposit or apartment if we try and utilise it?