Reply To: renovating/building in Casares province


If you don’t have a mains water connection already you can basically forget that option, unless you know for sure that the mains supply runs right past your property, and the water company has confirmed that connecting is a simple job – this means talking to the local water company. If there is no mains supply to use, then you’ll have to get a borehole. Don’t, under any circumstances, pay anything, or sign anything, until you have confirmed how you will get water. A property without water is no fun at all.

Electricity is less of a problem. Once again, talk to the local electricity supplier. If you can’t get mains, then there are alternative energy solutions, and a generator for emergencies / peak periods. It requires a change of lifestyle, but once you manage that your quality of life improves. Our holiday home in the Balearics is run entirely on renewable energy and candles. It’s heaven.

Building on rural properties in Andalusia is now very difficult. Do not sign anything or pay anything before you, or better still an architect working on your behalf, has talked to the town planning department (urbanismo) of the town hall. They can tell you exactly what you can and can’t do. Ideally, don’t commit to the property until urbanismo have given the go-ahead to a ‘proyecto’.