Reply To: ME Lawyers Denounced



Hola Claire

My new lawyer has PART of my file now from ME after a LOT of trouble and time wasting. This was only after my sending a formal complaint against ME lawyers to Colegio (Spanish Law Society) and the persistence of my lawyer. This complaint had to be translated into Spanish as Colegio won’t accept anything else, apparently.

ME have obviously retained some documents and are clearly puppets of developer, and probably have a lot to be worried about. But their arrogance and treatment of their colleagues & clients is astounding. They are of course liable for anything adverse that happens in the purchaser’s case while they continue to hold onto the file after being discharged.

The latest today is that the developer is refusing to accept mail from my lawyer ❗ As this is certified mail they are clearly shooting themselves in the foot and deserve all the bad publicity they will be receiving 8) 8)

Hope things are progressing for you.