Reply To: size of apartment at miraflores



This is my opinion mate, and im pretty crap at legal stuff, but your case is irking me now and I’m getting riled up over it myself lol..

SOD the muppets who have handed over all their cash already and moved in, their going to suffer in a different way!

YOU signed a contract that promised YOU precise specifications. This has not happened and you are now suffering because of their incompetence in NOT providing it. Not only have you waited four years to complete now you are being asked to pay full whack for a different deal altogether. Am I right or am I right?

Sue the rotten developers for breach of contract! I can’t believe that in this country which is a full part of the EC, the higher authorities allow this sort of practice to go on. I fully believe that the more we give in and keep on parting with our cash (regardless of their continuous f*** ups) the more these developers are going to continue their *illegal* practices. This is just giving them licence to repeat the same rubbish in future development deals for new buyers and for generations to come.

I am sorry for bad language but I am so angry at these bloody idiots, (please dont kick me off the board) 😉

I wouldnt personally give another CENT away to these criminals.

Get your lawyer to PRESS them for a reduction in your completion amount NOW that is reasonable and fair, or a fair offer of compensation, and if he whinges about it and says no, you should sign and we’ll sort it out later – tell him to f-off and look for another lawyer who will.

Have you spoken to the planning dept about this? Perhaps even the Jugado (courts). Grab all your papers together and put pressure on these scumbags to negotiate. Of course the pressure is all on you now to open your wallet again after having waited forever. You have been robbed before you’ve even handed over the final sum, and thats the bottom line.

That is just how i feel about it, and hope not to give you any bad judgement, but i really feel for you and would love to see you find a decent solution.