Reply To: size of apartment at miraflores




that’s how i feel, why the hell should we throw more money at this place without a sizable decrease in the balance we should have to pay, when it’s obviously not been built to specification, even after 4 years!

the trouble is about 50 people have, and have moved in, under advice from, in some cases. lawyers and agents.

If they will knock 22% from the final balance (which roughly equals the reductionin m2 of the apartment) and the habitation licence comes through and everthing else looks o.k on our next inspection trip, i will probably go ahead, and try and get compensation for the 1 pool instead of 2, at a later date.

my fear is that by me refusing to complete at the full sum, because of above changes to plan, this might drag on indefinately, so as you say, without any help from an authority in spain, that can say i’m within my rights to refuse to pay the full amount, i’m stuck between a rock and a hard place? and how long will it take to sort out?