Reply To: size of apartment at miraflores



i have been reading earlier posts tonight, and it seems we do have grounds for compensation, for both change of contract specification (plot should have been 100m2 turned out 78m2, so unreasonable reduction in size) and 1 pool less than plan, plus an unreasonable delay in finishing site (we were told 18 months to two years max) and 4 years so far!

Do we sign up, paying the full balance, as soon as 1st habitation licence comes through, and then spend years trying to get compensation from aifos (or whoever represents them following seizure of assets, according to press) or do we, when required to complete, refuse to pay the full balance even with habitation licence, for reasons above and hold up the whole thing for even longer?

one couple i’ve spoken to, said they were advised by our same agents and lawyers to pay the full amount and complete without a habitation licence, and sort out the problems later, this can’t be right can it? (our lawyers were recommended by our agents)

Any help from a lawyer that knows the position on this could be a financial lifesaver for us, i just don’t know who i can trust anymore,