Reply To: Why does anyone buy off plan?



I think we were intending to purchase something which was built when we went on our inspection trip. We soon realised detached properties (ie. villas) were far more expensive than we anticipated. We have a friend who has villas in the Costa Blanca and to purchase similar property in the Costa del Sol didn’t seem achieveable.

At the property exhibition there were re-sales available but it was very clear (in retrospect) that the company we bought through guided us to off-plan. Examples of property price increases between deposit and completion were also heavily pushed which wasn’t possible on re-sale.

So, the ability to own something in a few years’ time and for it to have increased considerably in value in the process, is what tempts a lot of people.

With the hopeful completion tomorrow on our townhouses and for us to be moving down to Spain in the next month, we wait to see if it was a good thing to have done. Still, everything appears better in the sunshine, doesn’t it!

Kind regards.