Reply To: Good News re O* and YM!!!!


My comments on this website are completely my own, I am actually told not to get involved with this sort of thing but I take pride in my job and I do not as I am aware have any disgruntled clients that I look after, I regularly bring clients out to the coast, they are put under no pressure as far as I am aware and are under no illusions when they reach this coast as to what they will see and expect from the trip. I have tried to offer my help to a regular writer in this forum Claire but she point blank refused, the SE who sold to her no longer is employed by OE. Also,. I note that another constant grumbler Paul H has made no reference or reply to my comment (fact) about the nice tidy sum that he made out of the purchase and subsequent sale of his properties in Cabopino. There really is nothing to say to you guys, you will never accept that not everything in life is perfect and that people can only do their best, investors in offplan property bought in that vein at their own risk if they could not complete, I am sure that they would have been advised of the risks when they originally purchased. 👿