Reply To: Getting the right property at the right price.. Advice



My brother and I are buying an apartment in Elviria too, we had not been looking for very long but we started with the Sur online. I called around about ten owners directly but hardly any of them spoke English and I am sorry to admit that my level of Spanish is really poor 😳 the owners seemed quite rude and abrupt on the phone and only one of them e-mailed photos to me. I was limited with viewing time also as we have a really busy business so we booked flights on our own for 2 days. I found two companies 1) ADH and viewed with them the first day, really pushy, off plan only (which we didn’t want) and we were put on the spot quite a lot and didn’t have any time to speak amongst ourselves. 2) Merck Estates, initially they did not seem to have a lot of properties on their website but they seem to be more picky with what they have listed and they seemed to listen on the phone more and let me do the talking! When we met their agent, he was really professional and had prepared a small selction of apartments which were just what we wanted. We wanted some time alone to talk, so the agent suggested he leave and we call him if we want to talk further. After an hour we called him and he met us again and we decided to go ahead with our favourite property. We asked him about the market and potential growth and he was really honest and told us to expect 8% capital increase per annum, which we are happy with (ADH told us 20%!!)
Good luck with your search and I hope you are as happy as we are now. 😀
Laura G