Reply To: La Reserva



hillybilly, not exactly. No matters whatsoever were discussed at this wedding. You have probably misunderstood the whole story, not realising the fact that our “competitor” from ** has been raising false claims, something which is leading you to believe we do discuss our clients’ matters at parties.

If you read my post again, you will notice that I mention that I do work for the company, and “incidentally” I happen to have family bonds with our head lawyer (which I don’t think is a crime). No, I’m not a lawyer, and I have never pretended to be one. This doesn’t mean I don’t have my own code of ethics. As you probably understand, a law firm is not only comprised of lawyers, there are many other positions that need to be covered with people with different skills, just like in any other company.

Please get all the facts before making such assumptions.