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Hi Suzanne, didn’t know La reserva has problems, is it only certain blocks? Friends bought there but at least 2 years ago, it is now on long term rental.

Hi Katy,

I received information from an independent lawyer in Marbella (recommended) who said there were problems with blocks 3 & 7. I bought in block 7. He sent me a copy of a notice from the Town Hall (in Spanish) which apparently says that there will be no completion on block 7. This is the final block on the development. I am trying to find out more but it’s not an easy process as you know. I also know of banks who are not giving mortgages there.

I’m trying to find out exactly what the situation is, but if you hear anything would be very pleased to hear.

Regards, Suzanne

Instructed new lawyer one week ago, and today received phone call from old lawyer (ME) trying to get me to stay with them. They said they were friends with my new lawyer, had discussed my case with them, and that it would be no problem for them to get back the money I had transferred last week with my new instructions ❗ ❗ They also told me they had “information” that could help me and that they didn’t think other lawyers had access to. They are obviously losing clients rapidly and doing anything they can to keep them. I told my new lawyer of the above and have asked for me to put it all in writing.

I really don’t need the extra stress and distrust this has generated: 😥 .

Beware of lawyers losing business. They can sound very persuasive.