Reply To: ‘Awful Estates and Poor Move’



Hi folks,
What a mess for something that appears so simple.Does anyone have a plastic padling pool and an old sunbed for sale.Subject to surveyer reports and LFO {last flat overseas]
Reference Katy’s question about off plan. We feel that as its only 10 weeks to estimated completion [and the fact that we saw evidence of a few of the properties already being used] that we aren’t really buying a hole in the ground.The resales we visited were small and you had to cross the road to get to pool.You can see our apartment at TM TORREBLANCA ref. LAGUNA GOLF. Most resales were 65m here we get 93m for not much price difference.A ground floor,patio,garden,private entrance,400m pool with no road to cross,just grass,our grass.There’s tennis court,5 a side court,fountain.lagoon.Surrounding area is already built so no surprises there.Yes we are living the dream and trust these developer bar stewards to do their bit.The site is taking shape,our garden is being planted as we speak.I have a couple of friends who are visiting the site next week for us to see how it’s going.TM don’t know they are coming.I am just going to Your move to inform them that I will hold them responsible for any avoidable problems as a thank you for recommending this agent now that they appear to have disowned them. Good fun in it. 😉