Reply To: Is it worth approaching Watchdog or another TV programme?



Thank you all sooo much for your support 🙂

Whilst I am happy to share the information with people that I have learned from this forum, from Drakan, Cesar Jose Maria Sanchez and lately Maria, and all of you I often say in my post IMO, in my opinion, IME, in my experience. We all learn from each other and my husband & I are so grateful for this forum in that it has enabled us to meet others in a like situation and we can share experiences. That is what a forum is all about. Before finding SPI, we had no idea about the problems with building licences etc.
Believe me, I am actually quite a private person “outside this situation!! I’m a Cancarian and like my sign I’m shy until provoked and then I’ll bite and not let go until I’m ready!! 🙂 I am amazed myself at the number of posts, but I have used this site for over a year now. Come September I hope all will be resolved.


I do feel very sorry for the good, honest people out there trying to make a living. They could help themselves by doing something to get REA regulated and have a code of conduct.