Reply To: New off plan development -Cogollos Vega



Such good advice from everyone Jimmy . WE bought off plan told 18 months finish and three years on we are still waiting. And the company you mentioned sold houses on our site as well, some buyers are getting no help from them and say they wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Some other people I know bought off plan with intension of selling on before completion and haven’t managed it and now looks as if they will have to sell at a loss to get shot of it. Even then they may still be stuck with it.

Resales are sounder investment at the moment . Its built and you can see what your getting and should have the deeds etc . All the illegal builds on the Costas are a worry. PLease do checks on all paperwork , check with town hall etc, and as Hillbilly said if you go ahead DON’T use their lawyer.