Reply To: New off plan development -Cogollos Vega



Jimmy, speaking from personal experience on the CDS I would avoid off plan at all costs and I would definitely not use the agent’s lawyer. I used to think it it was just the CDS where there were problems with off plans – the agents of course will tell you this. Don’t believe them – just this week a colleague of my husbands told us that he has 2 off plan properties in a Polaris World development near La Manga. The agent of course had told him that selling before completion would be easy and would yield a significant profit – he is trying to sell but has had absolutely no interest from anyone !! Also I am wondering if you have actually been to see the development you are buying – I was in Granada after Christmas and I could not believe the number of new apartments being built. The whole area surrounding the Alahambra looks like a building site and I don’t know how the developers got permission for so many apartments so close to this historic site – in my opinion the view of the Alahambra has been spoilt totally !