Reply To: BBC News 24


I agree Tilly.

The reporter of News 24 phoned the developers to get their side of things. Suprise, suprise, there was no one available to speak to them! Therefore, no mention of lawyers OR developers. Bear in mind it was a “news report” not a feature program. Granada TV are supposed to be doing that. On our development, there are so many facets to the situation that it could never be really put across just how bad it all is in the space of a couple of minutes. They seem to want a general picture. I thought the “property expert” was a waste of time. He came out with all the old cliches that might have been more appropriate before these current corruption scandals came out. He said nothing about how to protect yourself against corrupt lawyers, agents & developers. The only way I think you can avoid these people is by not buying in Southern Spain. IMO.
If I had any say in what was shown, I would name & shame each and every one of them. 👿