Reply To: Illegal builds


You are being a little mischievous (just kidding)…

I know a little as I’ve recently advised a promotion there…

The houses they are talking about are in an irregular situation and in an area that wasn’t considered for development yet, thus without basic services and infrastructures as i. e. water and electricity supply, suitable public roads and street lighting… (and, by Law, when you develop a new area, the proprietors have to pay some of the urbanization process) Also, they need to regularize their administrative situation with legalization projects signed by Architects and Aparejadores, there are other issues that must also be clarified as conditions for commerce and hotel and tourism business… and many others that usually are specified in the planning regulations for new building areas, something these people do not have as, like I said, this is an area that wasn’t considered for this kind of developments.

So, the Town Hall has opened a process to regularize this situation and is trying to help every part involved.

There are agreements not only with the Bank Unicaja, to help proprietors to pay the basic services needed, but also with the local businessmen and Architects associations and even with ‘Sevillana’ the electric supplier, to reduce regular costs.

This all comes from an agreement with the Junta signed last year to regularize the area that involves public investments of more than 40 million Euro.

Hope it works, I personally think this is a right way to fix things.