Reply To: Contracts and guarantees


Drakan, thanks for the explanation. I think the time you give to the forum is commendable. It was also the law I was taking a pop at as in many cases there never sees to be an outcome. I could give you at least 5 examples of people known personally to me who have had bad experiences. Take the case of the former mayor of marbella, he should have presented himself at the prison on May 2nd to serve a 6 month sentence (after a 2 year delay!) He then filed for a pardon will he ever serve the sentence nah. The law seems to protect the offenders.

Maria de castro, I was not being offensive by criticising the corruption in Spain. Many spanish do so and as a resident, who voted in the last election I am entitled to state my view. Part of my phrase of a third world corrupt country was taken from something said by a spanish politician last year and was widely reported. He said “Spain is a third world country in disguise”

I have owned properties in Spain for 20 years and have never seen property scams on this scale until the last several years all of them aided by professionals. Marbella is just the tip of the iceburg, had it not been a political decision the same would happen to Manilva, Benalmadina, Mijas and many others.