Reply To: Contracts and guarantees


Katy I know. That’s why I started posting in the forums. I was surprised when someone attacked spanish lawyers so I decided to post and help foreigners at a loss. It affects my job and me personally for buyers to mistrust spanish lawyers.

The whole point of posting here for me is to help stranded British or Irish real estate purchasers.

When dealing with these problems there is always more than one answer and what might work for someone could prove a hazzard to someone else.

From the moment you sign a private contract with the developer you are obliged to complete.

Normally you complete once the LFO has been granted.

The problems arise when there are still flaws or things are missing etc.. In some cases it is advisible to complete practising a retention in other cases one should not complete UNTIL the underlying problems are fixed (i.e. regular water and electricity supplies hooked up to the main grid, LFO granted etc…) but the lawyer has to make sure they are withholding from completion because there is a LEGALLY justified reason in any case. It’s like case law, you have to operate case by case, it’s very hard to give general rules for everyone. You can give some broad guidelines such as avoid completion without the LFO but after that it’s the details that make every case different.