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Is the “new” law in Andalucia retrospective?

The reason I ask is because a number of people in our group who are/were buying on the same development as us do not have a BG. These people were mostly dealing with a LARGE firm of lawyers based in Puerto Banus. One particular person attended a preliminary court hearing last week for which he has had to pay these lawyers 7,000 euros to take the case to court because THEY failed to get his BG! Thejudge?said the developers have a case to answer and the next hearing is in July. These lawyers are asking others to pay a further 4/6,000euros to go to court to challenge the developers for breach of contract. This is on top of the money they have already paid to them. (lawyers) I spoke to this member of our group yesterday ad he cannot understand why he and others do not have a BG, when many of us have. The lawyer said to him that there is a “group” BG. By this I guess it means there is just a “common” to all BG, which is useless!! đź‘ż