Reply To: Murcia’s president leads delegation to UK



Although we are just outside the Murcia border on the coast near Aguillas it really annoys me that the officials seem to be heads down about all the corruption and problems with off plan etc. We bought off plan and nearly 3 years on we still don’t have our house . The houses do not have a licence, apparantly originally the builder submitted a project to Cuevas town hall and the Junta and was given the initial go ahead, although probably not in writing. The builder then proceeded to build a different project, which is why the Junta will not grant permission for the site.

Basically the builder broke several urbanisation rules, most likely in flagrant disregard for legalities (the builder being a costa blanca builder) now in Andalucia. We had heard that the builder had been given a list of changes to make which must be done before the Junta will reconsider. The builder is refusing to comlpy.

The houses on the site are finished with the rendering of walls etc to do, the houses as they are being left empty and neglected are slowly deteriating. Some of the paths are sinking and some boundary walls are cracking. No road done yet just a dust bowl. Some people did complete and moved in without having the licence. Our solicitor advised us not to as the house would not be legal and without the licence we all know you cannot get the utilities connected. We were lucky we didn’t part with all monies, but others have paid everything .

With all the illegal builds etc it is very worryiing. I bet the President of Murcia hasn’t mentioned all the horrendous problems people are having at his gala reception. They need to put their house in order !!!!!!!
Stop all these back handers and make sure that properties cannot be built without all the necessary legal paperwork.

Can the Junta make this ar-ehole of a builder of ours do the required changes so the site complies to the law?
What will happen if he doesn’t ? The Andalucian government are meant to be getting tough with illegal builds .
Could our little site of 39 houses be demolished.

Why can’t people be straight and honest and not thave to con one another.?

If they want foreign investment things will have to change!
Sorry for the rant but so frustrated needed to have a moan this Sunday afternoon. Feel better now 🙂