Reply To: Completion Worries.


I agree with Claire.

If they’ve been granted the LFO the development should have a regular (i.e. official) water, electricity, gas, telecommunications supply. There is no reason not to have it.

Your lawyer has been extremely negligent, he should’ve made absolutely sure you had said supplies hooked up before completion. He could had either refused to complete until those supplies were available (despite there being a LFO granted it is blatant that If the basic supplies are not offered you are entitled not to complete until they are available) or else your lawyer should’ve applied a hefty retention at completion until they are offered.

I personally would not complete despite the LFO until the basic and offcial supplies are there in place (be wary of the developer’s trick of “agua and luz de obras” which is not official).

It is indeed a strange case. Are you positively sure they’ve been granted a LFO ? Have you seen it yourself or is this your lawyer just promising it … ? It really strikes me as being very very odd indeed.

You ought to contact your lawyer at no extra charge (this is already included in the 1% you paid him) and make sure he fights for your rights arranging those supplies. If he shows lack of interest (because he isn’t being paid any extra fees for this) be pushy on him warning that you’ll take the case to his Bar Association that ought to shake him up.