Reply To: Opening Spanish bank account



It was possible to get the money back because the lawyer and I had some excellent points, from the lawyers point of view the contract written up had clauses in it that the consumer dept would not have been happy with.Yes we had a bank gaurantee, just recieved it a week before we went for the money back, however, it had no date on it. Which is against the law. I went to the appointment with her, I think he was surprised. I was dressed in a red business suit which anybody can borrow if they wish for a meeting with their developer.Red is an assertive colour,apparently. We put our case forward very calmly, he was genuinly upset that his company had let me and my husband down. I told him with the help of the lawyer how he should be treating us investors, he agreed…offered me a job!!! If you ewant something doing, meet them, look them in the is so easy for them to lead you a stray when you are speaking over the phone, they can tell you anything. Again, my lawyer knows her stuff, she was very calm and precise. use her she is listed on the forum.