Reply To: High bank charges in Spain



Hi Tony& Angie,
Thank you for your kind invitation, Will take you on it on my next visit to Spain. Please note that I do have friends in asturias, madrid, valencia, valldolid,sevilla etc. though my banking is done on the costas.

By 18th century I do not mean that the cash will be delevired by horse and carriages and the bank branches will look like the Wheels Fargo Bank.
or a Branch of a bank in some western films.

The matter has many facets and it cannot be covered on this website. I can say that the attitudes of the Banks is dragging many small businesses or detering new start off.

My Spanish friends share my views but as many have not had a bank account in uk or have not used the bank in a more than minimal capacity do not have the benefit of camparisons.

Your 10 days of clear funds are too long, are you aware that while the clear funds are not availble to you, they are earning interest to your branch/bank at overnight rates.