Reply To: High bank charges in Spain



Please also read Spanish Capital Gains Tax and my reply to Banco Andalucia.

The Banks will not charge you if you draw/deposit cash. Little they realise that a cashier has to spend time in counting the money, cash has to be transfered/transported, and transit Insurance. Besides you are going to have fun when under money laudreing etc you cant deposit more than euro6000 per day. (Large cash will be in euro 500 notes, shops do not accept them so you must have them in smaller donations see the face of the cashiers when you ask for them)

further if you are tranfering funds from UK , you do not have the physical cash with you. The Spanish Banks along with other med counties are still in the 18th Century banking, instead of introducing products that are beneficial for the customers and the bank they prefer the easy way out .

It is my understanding the the clearing of the cheque goes through the same system wether its euro10 or euro 100. so what is the justification for the increase charges according to value of the cheque

The attitude is that you got the money so we want to grab it. The only way to get around to this is shout and scream at the manager in the banking hall in front of other customer it works I reduced my charges from euro 450 to euro 100, for clearing a cheque of euro 100. This could have been reduced further but the siesta hour got in my way and yes the following monday was a puente.