Reply To: When Your Lawyer Lets You Down


Greenhill – re. the reply from V.S., lawyer for the developer.

I suggest you reply to him and ask what guarantees could you possibly have on the construction, as his company has a mortgage/loan on every single apartment in the development.
In a time of ‘crisis’ – who would get any money? The lending bank or yourself????
I don’t need to answer that question for you.
I have a copy of the ‘nota simple’ which shows the mortgage, can send you a copy if you want. Tell V. you have a copy.

Also, as the buildings are sitting illegally until the suspended building licence is sorted out by the Junta (it is one of the 208 licences the Junta have got their teeth into) – YOU HAVE NO GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER.

Supplying you with a Bank Guarantee is a legal obligation, it is written in your contract.

See what Victor has to say about the above.
I have personally dealt with the man and unless you push hard, nothing happens……and then, not a lot!