Reply To: When Your Lawyer Lets You Down


Green Hill,

How typically arrogant is that reply!! 😈 That sums up the contemptuous way we have ALL been treated by this company. 😈 😈 He has not had the decency to reply to even ONE of your questions.

The authorities in Spain have come down on the president of Aifos. MVG & Eralia should definitely be next on their list.

For those of you who use the forum, you may now understand why myself,* Charlie *& Sofia* have been so vocal about our dealings with this company…and “passionate” about how badly so many of us are treated by these and other developers.

In our * cases where they have not even built the apartments and they have had our money for 2 1/2 years, (to date,) even when Charlie & Sofia asked this lawyer, face to face for their money back he just …No, we can’t do that… end of story! 👿 They say wait for the guarantee That is over 3 years they will have had our money…for diddly squat!!

I think the message we should get accross to “Joe Public” is…..NEVER NEVER BUY OFF PLAN IN SPAIN.