Reply To: When Your Lawyer Lets You Down



Have you tried asking the lawyer of MVG to give you a BG? You are entitled to it and to ask for it (in the event that your Lawyer has not!).
Has your lawyer asked MVG for one recently? If so what was the outcome?
I would certainly report your lawyer to the Collegio de Abogados. As a general rule, I don’t think other lawyers would tell you to take this route as it is ” shopping ” their own, but I’m sure they can give you some advice. They are not keen to get involved, which is understandable. This has been our experience anyway. As you know, this is the course of action that we are having to take with our first firm of lawyers. We are doing one thing at a time though. The priority being to get our 30% deposit money refunded via the BG & Court. Then we will deal with DLM. We paid them 7,000euros, which they have also kept!! Our second lawyer has not answered the five emails we have sent them requesting that the original purchase contract , our wills and the other documents they have be forwarded to our current lawyer.( the only one who has actually done anything!) I find the whole scenario mind blowing.
I try not to think about it too much now as it is so stressful.

I hope Drakan or Cesar can give you some words of encouragement.