Reply To: ADH


As a “small local estate agent” in the Benalmadena CDS area I thought I would add my comments to the discussion! I have several friends who either have been or are still working for the big ex timeshare boys, and they all say that they are TAUGHT to sell what THEY want and virtually ignore what the customer wants! a crazy situation but one that has obviously worked in the past….however things are a little different now…thanks to forums like this people are much more clued up and aware of the tactics used by some agents.
I cant agree more that you need time to research an area and the properties on offer and find an agent that specialises in the particular area you are interested in and knows what they are talking about rather than these big companies that just show you what suits them…not you.

Sorry to rant on about it but we hear these kind of comments all the time and personally it makes me mad that the property market in Spain gets a bad reputation (unfairly in most cases) mainly due to these high pressure, just grab the commission, “agents”