Reply To: New tourist apartment laws in Barcelona



Hi all!

Well no one is replying to my query so I’ll have to do it myself. Just found the following article from the Times, dated Feb 17 2006:,,14052-2040567,00.html

The tip from Christina Beardsley at the end, is:

“Christina Beardsley, from the property consultancy Modus Vivendi, offers a ray of hope to owners of unregistered apartments in Barcelona. “There’s a niche market for one to three-month lets, as many people want to live here for a while but not pay a nightly rate. It means less damage to your apartment and you’re not affected by the licence law,” she says.
“You get less money — about £700 a month compared with £2,100 for nightly lets — but it’s still enough to cover the mortgage,” she adds.”

End quote.

Suppose that could be a good way of avoiding problems with the new law.

Whaddya reckon?