Reply To: Still no title deeds….


Hi Steve

First thing to check with your lawyer is do you have a Bank Guarantee.
Don’t just take your lawyer’s word for it, demand to sent an e-mailed copy.
(I know of a case where a lawyer ‘lied’ and when pushed, admitted he didn’t have one for his client).
Secondly make sure that the Bank Guarantee covers all the amounts of money that you have paid.
As long as the above is in place, I would find a good litigation lawyer to take over your file and enforce your Bank Guarantee to get your money back (plus legal interest) and get the hell out of there!
The enforcement of your Bank Guarantee is based on: Developer is in breach of contract (re. 16 months late re delivery date), and the inability to provide you with a ‘licence of first occupation’.
It is important you do not complete without this licence.
You are not legally obliged to complete on a property that does not have a licence of first occupation.

Drakan – please correct me if I am wrong with any of the above.