Reply To: Have you dealt with this company?


When it comes to property, I always recommend that you deal with local people who are on the ground and know the area intimately. That means dealing with Murcia-based companies who specialise in property in Murcia.

There are so many companies now offering property in lots of different areas and countries. Common sense tells you that they are likely to be ‘selling’ a superficial selection that suits their requirements, rather than ‘offering’ a broad selection of local properties that suit your requirements.

If you want to buy property in Murcia, I recommend that you identify 2 or 3 companies that do nothing but specialise in property in Murcia. Then visit on your own steam, paying all your own costs, and remaining in full control of where you go, what you see and whom you talk to. This is the only way to discover what the market really has to offer and avoid overpaying for property.

Ignore all the ‘investment’ spiel that companies endlessly spout. In most cases it is 99% rubbish and just a way to try and convince you to buy. Do your own research, do your own critical thinking, and reach your own conclusions.